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Jenna C. Castleman established Castleman & Associates P.C. to offer unparalleled litigation representation with an emphasis on accessibility and affordability.

Since Inception, Castleman & Associates, P.C. has delivered successful result as legal counsel to numerous corporations, non-profits, and individuals in both state and federal courts in Texas.

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From Dispute to Trial

Litigation can be confusing, scary, and exhausting. Such stressors are multiplied if you are not able to freely communicate with your legal council. Castleman & Associates, P.C. aims to be the example for law firms in Texas, delivering reliable and affordable legal services tailored to its clients’ unique requirements in all areas of practice.


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Castleman & Associates, P.C. is equipped to guide you through the
entire legal process. From service of a lawsuit naming you as a
Defendant or the beginnings of a dispute, through depositions,
mediation, and trial on the merits of the case, you will always have
reasonable access to your attorney to answer your questions or address
your concerns

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"We advocate for Our clients With A Passion that is Unmatched"

We strive for excellence by consistently delivering accessible, ethical, respectful, driven, and highly skilled legal counsel to our clients.

With experience and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing legal landscape, we are able to address our clients’ needs, assisting businesses and individuals at the state and federal level in their legal disputes.

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